Show for Product Design and Manufacturing

On June 7th, Pace Industries attended the Upper Midwest Design2Part Show in Minneapolis, MN.  The Design2Part Shows are a collection of trade shows that specialize in connecting engineers, product designers and manufacturers to some of the country’s top suppliers of custom components, parts and manufacturing services.  This event was one of the 11 shows that will be put on this year all around the US.

The team from Pace Industries provided 50 years of experience in industry sales and product engineering and design which showcased the breadth of our company. The divisions represented all the materials Pace Industries specializes in, making Pace one of the most diversified suppliers there.  We had Sales Managers from our Minnesota-based locations of St. Paul Division, specializing in Aluminum Die Casting and the Product Tech Division, which specializes in Magnesium Die Casting. The team also included Sales Management from the Arkansas-based B&C Division, one of our two Zinc Die Casting facilities, and Port City Custom Plastics, our only Plastic Injection Molding division located in Muskegon, Michigan.

This annual show is a favorite of Pace Industries and attracts potential customers Pace is eager to work alongside.  We visited with folks from a cross section of industries such as; Medical Devices, Lighting & Electrical Components, Meters & Industrial Controls, and Lawn & Garden. Pace has decades of manufacturing experience, product development and design expertise to serve these and other industries so it was a great opportunity to see new and exciting products.  Product Tech Sales Manager, Jim Hegland, had this to say about the show, “I feel this show captures more of the type of engineer who we like to meet. People who are designing new parts and are out searching for new ideas.”  Our sales managers came to the show with a desire to reach new markets and meet new potential customers.  David McWilliams from B&C, spoke on how the team worked together, “We have a great team, with knowledgeable people from Aluminum, Magnesium, Zinc and Plastics, we were able to provide information to the visitors that guided their initial material decisions (whether it be aluminum, zinc, magnesium, or plastic) which in turn helped all of our businesses.”  Our sales managers walked away with many good qualified leads, while also laying a foundation with several new potential customers.  Hegland said it best, “The way I look at it, if you get one deal out of a show like this, it was a home run” looks like Pace may have hit a Grand Slam.

Please check out Pace Industries’ booth at these upcoming Design2Part shows in Marlboro, MA (September 27th – 28th) and San Diego, CA (November 15th – 16th).

If you would like more information on how these divisions could further serve your needs, you can learn more about each division below.