Port City Custom Plastics Division Grows

Port City Division (PCD), a division of Pace Industries, has long stood as a well-respected Aluminum Die Cast supplier to a majority of the automotive industry. In 2000, they established Port City Custom Plastics (PCCP), hoping to further serve their current customers through plastic products. Specializing in plastic injection molding, PCCP quickly found their niche within their automotive and recreational vehicle customers that PCD had already served with aluminum products. Plastic seems to be a popular trend in many industries right now, as many customers are looking for an economical advantage. PCCP gives Pace Industries the opportunity to support those customers who are looking for that advantage by providing plastic injection molded products.

PCCP also compliments the die casting locations by providing overmolding options, a task that used to be outsourced that can now all be handled in-house further serving the customer. PCCP quickly grew working side by side with the die casting operations which allowed PCD to better serve their customers.

PCCP specializes in over 12 plastic materials utilized in various applications.

Almost 20 years later, PCCP has expanded into many new industries. Along with automotive they now serve the appliance, office furniture, roofing, and industrial control industries, and are seeking opportunities to serve new industries. Seeing the potential for growth, PCCP has begun to equip themselves, first by hiring a new sales manager who is dedicated to the growth of PCCP, secondly specializing in over 12 plastic materials, with nylon, polypropylene, HDPE, LDPE, Acetyl, polycarbonate, and PBT, being a few.

PCCP has continued to see success in the fast-changing automotive industry.  This industry pushes design to the limits, looking for parts that are lighter but stronger and at the same time thinner yet still safer, and often the responsibility of creating these innovative parts becomes the job of the supply base.  This is when PCCP thrives, being able to respond to industry needs and produce parts that are significantly lighter than their metal counterparts. PCCP has continually provided improved product quality for customers who are looking for those weight reductions and better product longevity.

PCCP has expanded into several new industries including appliance, office furniture, roofing, and industrial control industries.

PCCP has also found success in the roofing industry. Many homes in the northern states have roofs that are reinforced with ice/snow supports, which have in the past been made of steel. These parts would cost customers nearly $25 per piece. The engineering expertise at PCCP designed plastic pieces that would not sacrifice on strength or longevity of the parts but were priced around $10 or less per piece.  Additionally, the plastics could easily be colored to match the varying roof colors. Not only did PCCP improve the quality of these products, but helped to reduce the cost.

PCCP is located in Muskegon, Michigan along with the other PCD die casting facilities. This location has proven to be very strategic whether it be for the home construction industry, or being a few hours outside of the automotive capital of the world, Detroit. Being positioned in the Midwest provides a logistical advantage to PCCP and provides improved logistical expenses.

PCCP plastic injection molding products are made to the highest industry quality standards.

PCCP has quickly grown into an integral piece of Pace Industries, and gives us countless opportunities to further serve our current customers and to broaden our reach to new ones. We believe that PCCP helps give us a competitive advantage over our competitors and we know that PCCP can help you to achieve that same advantage.

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