Pace Industries is committed to delivering excellence across customers, capabilities and cost through the discipline of Operational Excellence.



A system of processes, competencies, beliefs, behaviors, and commitments to deliver excellence.

Operational Excellence at Pace is about creating value for the Customer.  Our aim is to create a culture that promotes continuous improvement and sustainable long-term growth.  Leadership and teamwork are the center of all improvements at all levels of the organization.

Operational Excellence is a mindset with strategic focus on Customer, Capabilities, and Cost ensuring solid foundational elements of goal alignment through Policy Deployment, value stream mapping, 5S workplace organization, standardized work, visual controls, and disciplined data driven problem solving.



  • Create value for the Customer.
  • Create constancy of purpose.
  • Respect for everyone.
  • Systematic and scientific thinking.
  • Maintain high quality levels.
  • Focus on flow to minimize interruptions and waste.

Operational Excellence delivers continuous improvements using key tools such as, lean manufacturing lean manufacturing (waste reduction), six sigma (variation reduction), and Kaizen (continuous improvement with a sense of urgency).

Operational Excellence delivers continuous improvements using key tools such as, lean manufacturing (waste reduction), six sigma (variation reduction), and Kaizen (continuous improvement with a sense of urgency).



Pace as a trusted supplier and partner follows a quality philosophy to deliver on requirements consistently to ensure our customers have the best parts for their products.

Our Pace Quality Vision is aligned with our 3C’s – customer, capabilities and cost.

  • Every level of the organization is committed to continually improving the effectiveness of our Management System to achieve our organizational performance strategies, goals and targets.
  • We continuously improve our processes by implementing robust control techniques and benchmark practices; we believe in being proactive.
  • Together, as One Pace Quality, we are driving our culture of collaboration, leadership and best practice sharing across the entire organization, directly benefiting our customer and supplier relationships.



Pace Industries is a leader in safety within the die casting industry, earning top safety awards in multiple categories from NADCA since 2010.

  • At Pace – Working Safely is a Condition of Employment
  • Safety is not only critical for all employees’ wellbeing, but it is also a core driver of operational excellence at Pace through Hazard Identification & Mitigation.
  • We continue to earn recognition for best safety practices year after year through our relentless pursuit of improving safety practices across each of our facilities.


Safety Core Values & Commitments | EHS 5.2-01 EHS Policy | EHS certificate



A positive safety culture exists when a set of shared values and beliefs about workplace safety & health influences and drives practices for preventing workplace injuries.

These are values and beliefs that reinforce a strong safety culture where people value and expect a safe and healthy workplace. Our associates are our most valuable resource where safety & health is valued along with productivity, quality and pay. In a strong safety culture, We believe workplace injuries and illnesses can be prevented, Leaders Drive Improvement, and Everyone plays a part in building Safe and Healthy workplaces. Values are embedded, while priorities can change. Safety is a “Condition of Employment”. Safety is fundamental to Operational Excellence and therefore Safety is a core value.

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1. Report all near misses, incidents, injuries, and illnesses immediately to your supervisor.

2. Ensure and maintain good housekeeping in your work area to eliminate slip, trip and fall hazards.

3. Wear the required Personal Protective Equipment as necessary for the safe operation, specific to the task.

4. Ensure that you know how to perform the job and perform it in a safe manner; read procedures and work instructions.

5. Never operate a machine or piece of equipment unless you have been specifically trained to do so.

6. Never operate machinery without all safety devices and machine guards in place.

7. Lock Out / Tag Out powered equipment following Lock Out/Tag Out procedure if authorized. Test to confirm the machine is fully de-energized.

8. Do not perform work under unsafe conditions. Any associate has the right to STOP work if they feel it is unsafe.

9. If you see someone doing something unsafe or at risk say something to that associate.

10. Never use compressed air guns to clean clothing and hair and never aim at another person.

11. Inspect all equipment, scaffolds, ladders, lifts, etc. before using. If found to be defective immediately remove from service.

12. Report any unsafe and/or modified tools, equipment, or hazardous conditions to your supervisor.

13. Follow all safety rules to protect you and your coworkers while keeping your mind, eyes, and ears on the task at hand.


At Pace we define our choices and our actions by our commitment to Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion.


Pace is committed to reducing our environmental footprint through sustainable manufacturing.