Pace’s Port City Division Awarded Certificate of Achievement from Toyota

Pace’s Port City Division was recently awarded a Certificate of Achievement at Toyota’s Supplier Conference. A casting division of PCD supplies Toyota with the vacuum pump bracket used for the hydraulic brakes in the Toyota Tacoma TRD Off Road package. The certificate was awarded to PCD for achieving a 100% on-time delivery rate and a zero PPM defective for the year of 2016.

A PPM (Parts per Million) score relates to the number of parts per million that are defective. If a supplier produces 10,000 parts and just one of those parts is defective, that supplier has a PPM of 100. PCD was responsible for production of over 30,000 parts, a relatively small number, but achieved a PPM of zero. While many other companies avoid taking on smaller production volumes, PCD was able to deliver these parts with a zero PPM, while remaining 100% on time.

Being on time once is easy. Being on time thousands of times, across all areas of production, throughout an entire year is a difficult task without doubt. In 2016, PCD not only met Toyota’s strict production requirements, they did it on time every time. Being on time saves the customer downtime, money, and in the end, cultivates a sense of trust between supplier and customer. When a customer knows they can depend on the supplier, they don’t need to look elsewhere.

Not only is PCD responsible for the casting of the part, they also provide secondary machining and assembly for the vacuum pump bracket. PCD machines the part, inserts a gasket (assembly), and then pressure tests the assembly to ensure the highest quality and functionality is being delivered to Toyota.

With Port City Division able to offer these secondary operations, they provide an added value to their customers. While competitors may only supply the raw casting, PCD goes above and beyond to ensure that whatever they produce is being sent to the customer when they need it and how they need it. The secondary operations for this part include machining, blast finishing, assembly, and pressure testing.

This award from Toyota stands as a testament to the Port City Division’s uncompromising commitment to excellence, upholding the values of Pace as a whole. By accommodating all processes in-house, PCD helps Toyota optimize their total cost by providing an end to end solution, saving time and money. At PCD, our culture of zero defects and exceeding our customers’ expectations ensures that partners like Toyota remain just that.

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  1. This is a fantastic achievement. After almost 30 years working for Toyota Manufacturing in Souh Africa, I know just how important it is, for a supplier, to be acknowledged and rewarded for outstanding achievements. Consistently meeting “just in time” deadlines shows huge commitment and dedication by a supplier. Well done, Pace Industries!

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