Pace Looking Forward to Lightfair 2017

Lightfair 2017 is just around the corner, with the 2017 event being held from May 9th to the 11th at the Pennsylvania Convention Center in Philadelphia. Lightfair 2017 will play host to members of the architectural and commercial lighting industries, as they meet to learn about new solutions, knowledge and discoveries in lighting.

A hot topic at Lightfair 2017 is sure to be LED technology, with improvements to the technology a focal point of discussion. Pace is excited to attend and learn more about the technology.

One of Pace customers’ primary concerns is to dramatically reduce lead time to market. With LED technology improving so rapidly, the lighting company able to bring that new LED technology to market first, will dominate. Pace is assisting customers on the front end, with early supplier involvement (ESI) in the engineering and design of LED castings. By also getting designs to be die cast friendly, reducing their weight, and making them as cost-effective as possible, Pace is meeting customer demand.

By addressing these concerns at the beginning of the process, Pace can generate a quote faster, get their tool shops involved quicker, and reduce the lead time to build new tools. This is enabling customers to get their product out into the market faster than their competitors.

While Pace will not be showing at Lightfair 2017, they will be present to meet with industry experts to learn about advances in the lighting industry, and what role they will play in the future of lighting. Stay tuned for what they learned at the show.

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