Nanotechnology Makes Big Improvements

At Pace, we’re committed to bringing our customers the most up-to-date and innovative die casting technology available to provide premium products in a cost-efficient way that benefits them.

For example, through our use of nanotechnology, we are able to fine-tune materials at the atomic and molecular scale, in an effort to make the material stronger. The process changes the performance of the materials without changing the materials themselves, and product performance is significantly enhanced.

The improvements of products produced on a nano scale could result in longer life for perishable tooling in the machining process, better wear resistance in lubrication applications, better corrosion resistance and more. This technology is constantly evolving, and each discovery leads to new areas for possible improvements, such as longer die life, better machine performance, longer cutting tool life and improved casting quality.

We currently have several projects that are either completed or in-process involving nanotechnology. It’s a very exciting time, because the possibilities these processes can yield are vast. At this time, we don’t see an end to the conceivable applications for nanotechnology.

Being involved in this advanced level of technology has opened a new world for Pace. Nanotechnology allows us to be competitive in terms of quality and delivery, letting our customers be confident that we will be long-term partners for their die casting needs.

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