Educating the Next Generation of Associates

The fact that Pace is the largest custom die casting company in North America is the direct result of our associates’ experience and hard work. Our company is staffed with some of the most talented professionals in the industry. In order for us to keep growing and innovating, it’s essential we recruit from a well-trained talent pool.

We’re faced with a unique situation, though. America is experiencing what educators and industry officials call the “skills gap.” This refers to the disparity between the high number of jobs opportunities and the low number of qualified applicants. With technology making huge advances every day, jobs are becoming more and more technical, thus requiring more education. The problem is that students aren’t seeking education in these areas. They believe trade skill jobs are a dead end, but that couldn’t be further from the truth. Students who have knowledge of these trade skills are more valuable than ever, allowing them to achieve high wages and rapid job growth potential.

Our company is dedicated to finding these students with knowledge of our industry and offering them an opportunity to begin an excellent career. These students are the future of Pace. And we expect the same qualities from all associates, whether they have 35 years of experience or are fresh out of high school. We want our associates to join in our culture of innovation, excellence and dedication.

Part of our solution is to put strategic programs in place to help develop incoming talent. We’ve offered job shadowing, internship opportunities and now have a new scholarship program. This new program is called Pace Scholars and is available for students attending North Arkansas College (NAC) in Harrison, Ark. who have an interest in manufacturing. There are a total of 20 individual $1,000 scholarships available to high school seniors on their way to NAC. For anyone interested in applying, contact our HR team.

Our customers have great needs in quality and production, and we have to be prepared to meet those higher needs and perform well. The bottom line is that recruiting is at the top of our list when it comes to making smart investments for the company. We want to continue growing, and training and hiring the best associates will remain the key to our success. As our clients see our new successes with our talent and technology, our business partnerships will grow.

About Pace Industries

Pace Industries is North America’s leading full-service aluminum, zinc and magnesium die casting company. Pace is a solution provider, offering a wide array of capabilities and services, including: advanced engineering, tool making, prototyping, precision machining, assembly, finishing and painting. Headquartered in Fayetteville, Ark., Pace operates 12 divisions, 21 manufacturing facilities and has more than 4,000 associates across the U.S. and Mexico. Learn more at

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