What is Simultaneous Engineering?

At Pace Industries we are more than just a supplier – we are your trusted engineering solutions partner. With the end goal of creating value for our customers we deliver engineering excellence through the practice of simultaneous engineering.  Simultaneous engineering at its core is a partnership – it is a disciplined and collaborative approach to the product development cycle.

Through simultaneous engineering, the Pace product engineering team works in parallel with our customers which allows for innovative design resulting in the most reliable products with the best performance possible. Our engineering team has expertise in the fields of product engineering, tooling design, structural analysis, advanced process simulation, process development and quality assurance to deliver top quality, mass produced light metal cast parts. Leveraging this expertise, our technical team understands the value of producing a part that features an optimal design, while being both high quality and cost effective.

The process starts with early supplier involvement (ESI). Under ESI, Pace product engineers collaborate with the customer’s engineering team to evaluate concepts, early design work, and to understand their overall objectives. Challenges our customers face may include:

  1. Complex castings
  2. Non feasible designs
  3. Cost concerns
  4. Tight timelines from design to launch
  5. Transitioning to light metal castings from another type of process (sand casting, investment casting, gravity casting, extrusions, additive manufacturing, etc.)
  6. Transitioning materials (iron, between aluminum, magnesium, and zinc, etc.)
  7. Shifting from a prototype to a feasible design for mass production
Pace Industries Simultaneous Engineering discussion

Once key objectives and desired customer outcomes are identified, the simultaneous engineering process moves to the next phase:  utilizing high pressure die casting best practices to design for manufacturing both the part and corresponding tool. With the assistance of state-of-the-art metal simulation software, our engineering experts design robust tooling and processes for both maximum die life and cycle time optimization to reduce program lifecycle costs. As part of the tool design process, Pace will simplify die complexity to minimize or reduce maintenance that will require unnecessary downtime. The Pace technical team has the skill and expertise to design the best tooling concept for your needs, while also performing a cost evaluation to determine the most cost-effective solution for your application.

The application of simultaneous engineering at Pace Industries provides customers with a streamlined product development approach to assure optimal speed-to-market with a high-performance product that can be manufactured in the most cost-effective manner.

The primary benefits of simultaneous engineering at Pace Industries include:

  1. More robust part and tooling design
  2. Flawless launch
  3. Cost reduction
  4. Optimal speed-to-market
  5. Superior Quality

Pace offers exceptional “Design for Manufacturability” engineering services that will allow our customers to meet their market demand while producing the reliable products that continually exceed customer needs and expectations.

Pace Industries Simultaneous Engineering discussion