Pace Honored With Four NADCA International Die Casting Competition 2015 Awards

We are pleased to announce that the North American Die Casting Association (NADCA) has awarded Pace Industries with four honors this past year. This is a prestigious international competition that brings the best designs in die casting together. Each is judged on the difficulty to cast, the brilliant engineering required and the benefit and value that the design delivers to the customer.

The Cambridge Division won the 2015 International Die Cast Competition for Aluminum Die Castings 1 to 10 lbs for the submission of the JAMCO arm rest. This was an extremely difficult part to design as a die casting. Full credit must be given to Don Tremblay for the excellent design engineering. Don worked tirelessly with the customer, establishing confidence in Cambridge’s engineering prowess and convincing them of the design changes required to make this a successful conversion to a die casting. The overall success of this program extends to our total Engineering and Manufacturing group. Working as a true team, focused on the success of the project, we delivered excellence to our customer and delighted them with our performance.

Our St. Paul Division took second place for this category with its Diffuser Grilles. The amount of detail, looking at a market that normally doesn’t have die casting in it, was particularly impressive to the judges. They also noted how well executed it was for the St. Paul Division to take a bunch of different parts and integrate them into one usable part.

Grafton was awarded the 2015 International Die Cast Competition for Aluminum Die Castings over 10 lbs category for the 824 Crankcase. Beau Glim, Project Manager at NADCA, stated that what made an impression on the judges was the jet cooling. It is something that is typically very difficult to cool so to see it cool that quickly for die casting was an amazing feat that resulted in this award.

The Product Tech Division won the 2015 Casting Competition for Magnesium Die Castings over .5 lbs category for the Multispeed Wheel. The judges found the wheel to be very innovative. They were impressed by the detail, the control, and the very unique application for die casting that was demonstrated by the Product Tech Division.

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