Pace Cambridge brings home another award

The Cambridge Division of Pace Industries continued its history of winning awards at the NADCA International Die Casting Design Competition.  In fact, it was just two years ago when we last won an award at this very competition.  Check back in our blog archives for our January 14th, 2016 blog to learn more about that story.

This year, Cambridge won the Aluminum under 1 lb. division, with a Mid – Housing for L3 Technologies.  This is the main housing for a Next Gen Aiming Laser to be placed on many weapons for the U.S. military, to pair with all generations of night vision devices. The Cambridge team was given a tough task in replacing a piece that was previously conceived in plastic, that now needed to be cast in aluminum.  We designed a part that would not add weight, but significantly increase the structural integrity on the part.  Not only did we succeed, but we exceeded all expectations creating a part with walls less than 0.05” thick, yet with tremendous detail and durability.

The Cambridge division was excited to partner with L3 Technologies on this project.  Through many hours of discussions and brain storming sessions, together we designed a part that both Pace and L3 Technologies were proud to be producing. Keith Liadis of L3 Technologies said this about Pace, “It was a great experience working with the Pace team on this project, Pace certainly deserves the accolades.” Cambridge was able to showcase their full-service abilities on this part, providing everything from early supplier involvement, die casting, machining, anodizing, assembling and part packaging to be delivered to L3 Technologies.  We always strive to be the highest quality supplier to our customers and this is an example of the processes that we can perform.

Cambridge Division excels in serving niche and specialty markets, by expertly producing difficult die castings and providing exemplary project management and engineering support.  In addition, Cambridge’s value-added services includes a spectrum of capabilities including, in-house assembly, machining, finishing, and creating a total solution provider.  Situated just outside of Boston, the Cambridge Division is prepared to serve the innovative customers and countless startups in the area and all over the world.