5 Things A Potential Pace Employee Should Know

Chase Foster
Talent Sourcing Specialist


Pace is a growing company with fifteen locations in the United States and Mexico and the leader in custom die casting in North America. As a result of our growth, we are looking for potential employee to join our team. Finding a job that is right for you can be very difficult. Pace Industries wants you to carefully read the job description and decide whether the position is a good fit for yourself and your family. Stop and think before you hit that “apply now” button and create a job application that will get you noticed by Pace. Here are five things to think about before completing your application:

  1. Be honest about what you can do with your abilities. Few people will have all the skills needed on a new job.  But, if you have had similar experiences that would make the job easier to master make sure to mention them. Most importantly, figure out what you have to offer Pace. Always update your social profiles before applying to a new job. When we research your job history, we’ll want to find the skills and abilities that are already listed on your resume.
  2. Write about a problem you’ve solved before or can solve as it relates to the opening you are applying for. Any skills you can bring with you to a new job is going to be a plus for us here at Pace. Anything we do not have to train you on is a benefit and makes you a more valuable hire.
  3. Be realistic in your compensation expectations. Pay is a big component of your benefit package, but things like vacation time, insurance, chance for advancement and work environment go a long way in making a quality work life. So, make sure you look at the entire package and not just the dollars. Also, make sure you research the company and location. Compensation varies greatly around the United States and it’s important to know the environment if you’re relocating.
  4. Make sure your family is behind you and supports you in this new career. Change is hard on not just you but everyone around you. Learning new skills and a new work environment can affect your mood, which will affect everyone in your household. So, make sure they understand your career path and your immediate focus.
  5. Commit to investing in your career through your own personal efforts and growth. Any new job and work environment will present a whole host of opportunities for you to improve your skill set. Make sure you’re open to the challenge, willing to try new ways of doing things and be optimistic about change.

If after reviewing the above steps, you feel ready to proceed,  go ahead and APPLY NOW! Pace offers great potential for a long future in the manufacturing industry.  We are excited about reviewing your application and look forward to fitting your skills and expertise into the perfect position.

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    1. Percy, we have 21 locations throughout North America, so it would depend on which facility you would be applying. Jump over to the Facility tab to see our manufacturing locations and then hop over to the Careers tab to see the opens we have currently. There is a Talent Network you can join and you can even apply through their portal. Thanks, Pace Mktg jdw

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