ZA alloys represent a new family of zinc-based die casting materials which contain higher aluminum content than standard zinc alloys. These alloys provide high strength characteristics plus high hardness and good bearing properties. Thin wall castability characteristics and die life are similar to zinc alloys. ZA-8 is recommended for hot chamber die casting, whereas ZA-12 and ZA-27 must be cast by the cold chamber die casting process. All ZA alloys offer similar creep properties and are superior to standard zinc alloys.

ZA-8 — Provides strength, hardness and creep properties.

ZA-12 — Provides excellent bearing properties with strength and hardness characteristics between ZA-8 and ZA-27, plus good dimensional stability properties and somewhat better castability than ZA-27.

ZA-27 — Offers the highest mechanical properties of the ZA family and is, therefore, recommended when maximum performance is required.