To provide uncommon, creative solutions which contribute to the success of our customers.


Pace Industries is North America’s leading full-service aluminum die casting, zinc die casting and magnesium die casting manufacturer. Strategically located throughout North America, we are more than a die casting company. We are a solution provider offering a wide array of capabilities and services.
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Our History

Pace Industries was founded in 1970 with a small die casting facility located in Harrison, AR. Today, the company has become one of the largest and most diversified die casting companies in the world.

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Safety is a 24/7 commitment at Pace. That commitment starts with each associate and extends to successful delivery of quality products to our customers with no accidents. This means greater efficiency for our customers and a better work environment for our associates where they feel valued and safe.

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Pace Lean Initiative

We place an extremely high value on lean manufacturing and reduce waste wherever possible by streamlining tooling, product design and production processes, reducing wasted materials and improving overall workflow.

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Pace’s Core Values

  • Accountability: Accountability means being responsible for actions and being trustworthy in word, deed and time. This builds trust and delivers solutions to allow our customers to be successful.
  • Compassion: Caring for others and valuing their diverse opinions is paramount to our success. Compassion drives loyalty, improves communication and fosters new, innovative ideas.
  • Excellence: Achieving the highest performance is critical to success for the company and our customers. We take pride in our jobs and the quality of our work, and we aim to always exceed expectations.
  • Fairness: Finding and implementing a just solution for all involved is essential to maintaining mutual respect for the benefit of our associates and customers.
  • Integrity: Integrity means we do the right thing every time and live up to a high moral code. We do what we say we will do and always operate honestly and truthfully.


Pace Industries, is committed to our core values of Accountability, Compassion, Integrity, Excellence, and Fairness. These values and commitments extend to our obligation as an environmentally responsible neighbor by focusing on and allocating resources towards:

Preventing Pollution

Achieving Environmental Objectives and Targets

Continually Improving our Performance

Emphasizing Compliance with Legal, Regulatory, and Other Requirements


Download Conflict Minerals Policy

Download ISO 14001: 2015 Certificate

Download Pace Industries EHS Policy


Pace Industries will provide unparalleled customer satisfaction through world-class quality, delivery, and value.

The Pace Quality Philosophy

– Quality is conformance to requirements

– Prevention is the system that causes quality

– The Performance standard is zero Defects

– The measurement of quality is Cost of Quality.

* Quality Improvement through Defective Prevention, The Individual Role. Phillip Crosby Associates. Pub 1985

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