The Cambridge Division is one of Pace’s longest-running facilities. Founded in 1945, Cambridge has been providing contract manufacturing die casting worldwide for more than 65 years. A 300,000-square-foot facility provides a large environment for expert manufacturing services.

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About Us

We have both aluminum and zinc die casting capabilities, impressive CNC machining capabilities, impregnation and chromating capacities and full assembly contract manufacturing. We also focus on value-added services, producing higher-end components and serving a number of different industries.


  • 18 Aluminum Die Casting Machines Ranging 400 to 1200 Ton
  • 3 Zinc Die Casting Machines Ranging 250 to 650 Ton
  • CNC Machining Cells
  • Full Product Assembly
  • Product Management and Logistics Worldwide
  • Hexavalent & RoHS Compliant Trivalent Chromating
  • Impregnation Lines
  • Electro-mechanical Component Assembly with Hardware Management
  • Robotic Electrostatic Paint Line, Wet Paint & Powder Coat Lines
  • Phosphate Lines (zinc & iron)
  • PTFE Custom Coating Specialists

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Industries Served

  • Medical Devices
  • Aerospace Industry
  • Instrumentation Components
  • Defense Industry

The Pace Advantage

Pace’s Cambridge Division excels in serving niche and specialty markets by expertly producing difficult die castings and providing exemplary project management and engineering support. Taking it a step further, Cambridge’s value add services include in-house product assembly, machining and finishing to create a total solution. This division is also ideally positioned to serve design houses that assist innovative customers and start-ups in the medical, aerospace, instrumentation and defense industries.

Safety and Certifications