Safety Culture

Safety is a 24/7 commitment at Pace. That commitment starts with each associate and extends to successful delivery of quality products to our customers with no accidents. This means greater efficiency for our customers and a better work environment for our associates where they feel valued and safe. Our associates don’t just show up to work and become safety-minded people. Safety is a part of who we are and each associate develops a personal safety pledge to prove it. By working together and holding each other accountable to make good, safe choices, we are creating a safety 24/7 culture and delivering excellent value to our customers. Until you care about your own safety, no one will believe you care about theirs.

Leadership Responsibilities

Insist on safety training before associates start any job or task
Stop and correct unsafe behavior that puts associates at risk
Stop any work procedure that requires others to work unsafely and ensure it is addressed
Respond to recognized hazards and ensure the hazard is addressed
Recognize and reward associates who submit ideas for safety or who speak up on behalf of safety
Create a personal safety pledge and live safely 24/7

Safety Policy

Download Pace Industries EHS Policy

Pace Industries is Committed to Providing Safe Working Conditions and Promoting the Well-Being of Our Associates

Safety is unconditional
Working safely is a condition of employment at Pace Industries
Safety is everyone’s responsibility

Associate Responsibilities

Insist on safety training before you start any job or task
Stop and report unsafe behavior that puts you or others at risk
Report any work procedure that requires you to work unsafely, and insist it be addressed
Bring recognized hazards to the attention of your supervisor, and insist the hazard be addressed
Submit ideas to eliminate hazards or unsafe actions and promote safety
Create a personal safety pledge and live safely 24/7

Safety Goals

In 2012, the Pace Leadership Team (PLT), under CEO Scott Bull’s direction, established an ambitious goal to achieve a zero injuries rate across the organization and move safety beyond compliance. Pace’s Journey doesn’t stop with just zero incidents; we are committed to reaching zero unsafe acts or behaviors, zero avoidable health conditions, zero disengaged employees and zero nonparticipation in continuous improvement. We want safety to become a universal value among associates and our CEO has challenged all associates to bear part of the responsibility for moving their Pace division toward this goal. Everyone deserves a safe workplace and it is Pace’s goal to provide that for every associate, customer, contractor and visitor.

Safety Metrics

Pace is committed to tracking our journey to zero by looking at many metrics related to safety. The OSHA recordable rate is the universal metric used in EHS, which helps us see where we are compared to previous years. However, this is a reactive measurement strategy based on incidents after they occur. At Pace, we want to shift to more proactive metrics called leading indicators, which are preventative and predictive measures that monitor and provide current information about the effective performance, activities and processes of our management systems. This drives the identification and elimination or control of risks in the workplace that can cause incidents and injuries.