Pace Industries is constantly working to provide uncommon die casting solutions to customers and our extensive product design assistance allows us to meet a wide range of metal die casting needs. Understanding our customer’s desires and how our capabilities can help, we work together to develop die casting designs that satisfies their functionality and castability requirements.

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Tool & Die Capabilities

Offering uncommon die casting service to our customers requires Pace to have capabilities that exceed those of competitive die casting companies. Our in-house tool and die capabilities bring faster response times, earlier tool and die maker involvement, tool expertise and higher levels of tool and die maker support.

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Aluminum Die Casting

There are many reasons aluminum is the most commonly cast non-ferrous metal in the world. It’s light, strong, corrosion resistant, non-staining, highly conductive, non-magnetic, accepts many finishes and is cost effective. Since die casting aluminum alloy is 95% post-consumer recycled material, aluminum die castings are green and sustainable.

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Magnesium Die Casting

Magnesium is an excellent choice to distinguish portable and durable products from the competition, offering a perfect combination of light weight, rigidity and resistance to wear for diverse applications. From concept to completion, Pace Industries works with customers to introduce the distinctive benefits of this material.

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Zinc Die Casting

Zinc offers a combination of characteristics that give it a unique advantage in many die casting applications. These include a combination of strength, ductility, resistance to catastrophic failure, impact strength and finishing characteristics. Zinc is the heaviest of the three alloy groups our die casting company offers:

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Machining, Assembly & Finishing

Today, more than ever, innovative and advanced die casting customers are seeking a total resource provider for their aluminum, zinc and magnesium die casting processes. Pace Industries has responded by providing an endless menu of services including simple to sophisticated machining operations using various types of CNC equipment or dedicated centers. Several of our facilities additionally specialize in complex assembly.

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  • Flow analysis is concerned with the filling of the die cavity with molten metal. The results of this analysis will indicate areas in a die where there are potential gas porosity issues or filling issues that cause surface defects.
  • Thermal analysis is concerned with the solidification of the molten metal in a die cavity after it has been filled. The results of this analysis will show areas in a casting where there is a potential for shrinkage porosity.
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