Port City Division Spotlight: Expanding Pace’s Reach

Located in Muskegon, MI, Port City Division is the newest addition to Pace Industries. Pace and Port City Division merged operations in July 2015, with great enthusiasm for many reasons. A unique characteristic of this new facility is that it is comprised of several locations – six fully-integrated companies.  This division includes four die casting plants, custom plastics manufacturing and specialty tooling.

Through Port City Division, we are proud to not only continue serving the automotive industry, but we also offer capabilities to the recreational vehicle, meters and lawn & garden industries. No matter who the customer is, we insist on beginning our relationship by assigning them an engineer who will be present during each cycle of their project. Because of this consistency in personnel, we can reduce time and cost for our customers.

Pace Port City Division specializes in full-service supply chain management and providing tooling design and management to customers. Boasting 31 die cast machines, our capabilities include high pressure die casting, complex machining, plastic injection molding, tooling, rapid prototyping, and product design and validation. The products we create range in weight from .05 to 20 pounds. We have a wide range of tools at our disposal, which is what allows us to produce such a variety of products.  We successfully work with flow analysis, thermal analysis, nanotechnology and several other in-house tools. Mirror Image Tool is the specialty tooling company that offers design and construction of secondary machining equipment as well as inspection equipment.

A capability we are particularly proud of is producing complex parts sensitive to specific porosity and cosmetic requirements. It is a task we are good at and, therefore, are often asked to do it for customers. Once we have confirmed that we have supported design work, we efficiently make these delicate parts.

To exceed the expectations of the customers we serve, PCD has a strict Quality Management Systems in place that we are deeply committed to. Whether we are manufacturing aluminum die castings, mechanical assemblies or injected mold plastics, the promise to our customers is the Pace Advantage of delivering the highest quality products in the most efficient amount of time.

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