Pace Profile: Airo Division

Pace Airo Facility in Pennsylvania

We at Pace know our customers are looking for superior service, quick solutions, and low costs. Our team at the Airo Division, located in Loyalhannah, Penn., is committed to continually improving performance to meet customers’ quality, cost and delivery requirements.

Our Airo Division was founded in 1975 for the express purpose of producing aluminum die case compressor blades for the nuclear industry. Since then, we have grown significantly and currently serve a variety of specialized industries, including automotive, motorcycle, recreational vehicles and heatsink technology.

Our custom-designed, 155,400-square-foot manufacturing facility provides the ideal environment for a full range of service capabilities. In addition to the customary services offered by die casters, we provide specialized in-house operations, including the following:

  • Spinner hanger blasting machines
  • Vibratory machines
  • Vacuum pressure impregnating system
  • RoHS compliant chromate conversion line
  • Painting (powder)
  • Automated sanding/polishing cells
  • Automate CNC centers
  • CNC machining centers
  • Custom-built machining centers
  • Assembly
  • Stratasys uPrint SE 3D

With our technical background, experienced staff and management team, we can become a company’s single source for precise aluminum die cast products.

We specialize in full-service supply chain management, providing tooling design and management to customers primarily in the automotive, recreational vehicle and lighting industries. We routinely produce complex parts that are sensitive to specific porosity and cosmetic requirements and provide on-the-ground engineering support to ensure accurate product design and manufacturing.

At Pace, we are committed to forming partnerships with our customers to focus on their needs, wants and expectations. We provide superior service by consistently achieving on-time deliveries, exceptional quality and competitive pricing. It is with a steadfast focus on quality, safety and cost that we are able to provide quality, cost-effective solutions in our Airo Division and throughout the entire Pace organization. We are facing tomorrow’s challenges today and transforming our customers’ concepts into functional, cost-effective die casting solutions.

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  1. We supply industrial grade compressors, using cast parts, and are exploring the possibility of bringing vacuum impregnation systems in-house (provided they offer a reliable and cost-effective solution) to mitigate porosity issues for current and future products. Please disregard if you do not supply the equipment. Thank you.

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