Pace Industries, Cambridge Division Continues Design-2-Part Tradition


For the past 24 years, the Pace Industries Cambridge Division has participated in the regional Design-2-Part (D2P) show. As our mission statement proudly states, we are always seeking opportunities to provide uncommon, creative die casting and support solutions for our customers. Here at the Pace Industries Cambridge Division, we pride ourselves in serving niche and specialty markets with our complex die castings and engineering support. As Northeast sales manager Jeff Martin puts it, “We provide uncommon value in the market niches we elect to serve.” Those who have worked with Pace Cambridge are aware that low volume, highly complex projects, such as sub-assemblies, is where this division thrives. This show is a chance for us to increase visibility with those who have not discovered us yet.

On September 28 and 29, the Pace Industries Cambridge Division participated in the regional D2P held at the Royal Plaza Trade Center located in Marlborough, Mass. The more than 1,800 attendees were able to see both custom and stock parts, components and services from over 300 manufacturing categories. Exhibitors came from all over the country, spanning from California to Maine. Northeast Sales Manager Jeff Martin attended the show this year. He was excited to see how active the local market was, and in the two days Pace Cambridge was present, we feel great about the connections we were able to make.

The goal of D2P is to connect job shops and manufacturers face-to-face with OEM engineers, management and buyers who need their expertise and services to solve manufacturing challenges and improve the quality of their parts. Martin recalls an instance from a past show in which Pace Cambridge was able to connect with an engineer who was working with the thermal efficiency of his products. “We were able to suggest a specialty alloy, which provided the margin to improve thermal performance,” said Martin. “This led to an immediate transfer of tooling to Pace Cambridge.”

So what do we do now with our newfound experience and knowledge? In the past, attendance at the show has resulted in increases in sales up to five percent. Our main goal in attending the show is to bridge the gap for many of the attendees of the show who don’t think their projects need die casting. “We witnessed interest and are in the process of following up,” said Martin. “My key takeaway is that the local market is vibrant with activity.”

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