Pace Continues to Shine with NADCA Awards


This month, we continue to celebrate Pace Industries’ wins at the North American Die Casting Association’s (NADCA) International Die Casting Design Competition. We are recognizing our Saltillo Division for their victory in the Aluminum Die Casting category for parts weighing 1-to-10 pounds.

Alfonso Carillo, sales manager at the Saltillo Division, thought carefully about the product his team would submit, ultimately deciding to showcase the complex high-bay LED heatsink. “This is a heat dissipater, which is usually a challenge for a die caster,” said Carillo. The high-bay LED heatsink is made to be used in warehouses, or other structures with high ceilings. Because LED lights generate a considerable amount of heat, the heatsink’s function is to help dissipate heat and help lights cool down.

The development of the LED heatsink has been quite a journey, and we are happy that we were given the opportunity to become involved and active in its later stages of production. The Saltillo Division began working on the part with our customer, Cree, in 2015. When they brought the design to us, we knew that it was a great product, but could benefit from some changes. In collaboration with their design team, the Saltillo Division further enhanced the LED heatsink and worked to improve the functionality. By early 2016, we were able to provide a better solution for the customer that eliminated several components which resulted in a high level of heat conductivity.

Nelson Lui, senior mechanical engineer at Cree industries and the original designer of the part, is both surprised and excited about the recognition that the heatsink has received. “I understand this component is not easy, but Pace has good engineers,” said Lui. He and his team worked hard to develop this part, and he was always grateful for their support and professional advice. This open exchange has also existed in our relationship with Lui. “I had never thought of the modifications before, but after they mentioned it, I was confident about the changes, although it is our most complex part.” When he was consulted about granting permission to enter it for a NADCA award, he had no hesitations. Our relationship with Cree has been active only since January 2015, but Lui believes in the future of our collaborations.

“This win brings pride,” beams Carillo. “It is going to help us because it’s a valid way to prove to a customer that we are concerned about the final product.” This is a great example of Pace’s commitment to provide uncommon solutions that contribute to the success of our customers. Carillo states, “An award like this shows we are able to respond quickly to the demands of the market with quality work. It’s a game changer for any company.”

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