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Pace Industries is the country’s leading die casting designer and manufacturer. Our facilities are equipped with the latest die casting technology to take on any project from large metal die castings to small, precision parts. Contact Pace Industries today to learn why our die casting processes are right for your designs.

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Pace Industries is North America’s leading full-service aluminum, zinc and magnesium die casting company. Strategically located throughout North America, we are more than a die casting company. We are a solution provider offering a wide array of capabilities and services.

Engineering Expertise

Working together with our customers, we can help develop die casting designs that satisfy functionality and castability requirements.

Faster response times

Our product design capabilities take customers from “art to part,” creating streamline opportunities to help enter the marketplace ahead of the competition.

Total resource provider

Pace Industries is a total resource provider for our die casting customers. We provide innovative services for their aluminum, zinc and magnesium components.