General Questions:

General medicine and wellness visits will be only open to employees, spouses, and dependents that are covered under the Pace Insurance Plan. All employees will be covered under workmen’s comp and will be able to see the practitioner for a job related issue, even if they are not covered under the Pace Insurance Plan.

We are instituting the wellness program because we care about the health and well being of our associates and their families. Pace wants its associates and families to be proactive in their healthcare and not just reactive once a medical event happens. We have determined that we are not a healthy group of people as a company overall. Only a small percentage of our family knows what their normal vital signs are (blood pressure, blood sugar, heart rate, etc…). Over 50% of our company’s healthcare expenses are spent on “high claims.“ This includes but is not limited to heart attacks, strokes, diabetes related issues, and cancer. Many of these “high claims” could be avoided if you knew what your vital signs were or made good lifestyle choices: Nicotine use, alcohol abuse, over-eating, poor diet leading to high cholesterol, etc.  We want to help our associates make good choices by giving them an incentive for making those choices and by alerting them to conditions they may have that will likely lead to a “high claim” event for them.  If we as a company can reduce high claims by 80-90%, we can cut our total healthcare cost by 40-45%. You are probably aware that the national average for employee share of healthcare costs deducted from their paycheck is 30%.  If we can cut these costs by 40-45%, then 30% of that is YOUR money, and that doesn’t even count the value of your family’s good health.  We are dedicated to showing our associates that we care about their medical, financial, mental, emotional, and spiritual health.

We care about our associates families too.  We want the spouses to be proactive in their healthcare as well. Spouses could be at health risk and would have no way of knowing without an assessment.

Yes, Pace cares about your whole family! Because the Wellness Center practitioner will be a family practitioner they will be able to see dependents age of 2 and above that are covered by Pace Health Insurance. Any child under the age of 2 will need to be seen by a pediatrician.

We are not taking the place of your primary care physician (PCP). You are not required to see our practitioner. Pace wants the Wellness Center to be another link in your healthcare chain. It will be a convenient and free place where you can go for basic care and wellness visits. The practitioner will talk and coordinate care with your PCP. They will be able to advise you if you need a specialist, lab work, advanced tests, or have questions for your PCP. We encourage you to continue to see your PCP and have the Pace Wellness Center as an additional health and wellness resource.

Each practitioner will have a local doctor that will act as their supervising physician. If you would like to know that physician’s name, just call your local Wellness Center and they will tell you. In addition to a local medical director, Healthstat has two medical directors on staff in North Carolina.  One is a general practice specialist and one is an occupational specialist.

Yes, the practitioner can write and re-fill most prescriptions you might need. You can make an appointment to speak with your practitioner about prescription medications. The practitioner will work with your PCP about your medications. They will assist you in getting the best benefit from your prescription drug plan by prescribing generic and formulary medications whenever possible. Again, they will work with your current PCP when it comes to prescriptions.

No, you will need to have your prescriptions filled by a licensed pharmacist.

Absolutely not! The practitioner keeps all medical records on a laptop computer that is supplied and owned by Healthstat Inc. The computer is kept with the practitioner at all times. Only Healthstat and the practitioner have access to the software program that stores the electronic medical records. Please remember that ALL associates are protected under the HIPAA law that does not allow the release of your personal health information without your written permission. This is why the HRA results will be mailed to your address and the practitioner is an employee of Healthstat not Pace.

The practitioner will be able to administer allergy shots. The associate will be responsible for obtaining allergy serum from his/her PCP or specialist. The practitioner will store the serum in the clinic and then be able to administer the shots when needed AT NO CHARGE.

Absolutely! This program is not designed to take the place of your relationship with your personal doctor. If you need to see the practitioner for a common cold, but you would like to work with your physician for further medical needs, we encourage you to do so. With your written permission, your practitioner can transfer medical records back and forth with your PCP, therefore establishing an important working relationship with your doctor. In addition, the practitioner can order your lab work BEFORE an appointment with your PCP, if you desire. If handled by the practitioner, the lab work will be at NO COST TO YOU and the results will be sent to your physician.

Yes, unless we have a substitute due to the clinician’s planned extended absence (ex. vacation or medical update courses). Pace Wellness Centers will have the same practitioner each week so you can develop a relationship with the provider.

Yes, you will have to make an appointment unless it is an emergency or an urgent situation. The primary appointment process will be on the Pace Cares website: /wellness-centers/clinic-appointments. If you need help setting up an appointment you can contact your local HR office, go by and see the practitioner during office hours, call and leave a message with the Wellness Center, or contact Kenny Sandlin, Director of Wellness and Personal Safety. If you are getting help setting up an appointment you DO NOT have to discuss what the appointment is for or any other medical information protected under HIPAA. Just discuss which days and times.


On January 1, 2013 Pace Health Insurance premiums (the amount taken out of your check) will go to a 70/30 rate. This does not include Airo. Currently we are on an 80/20 rate. Pace wants to give those who participate in the Wellness program an incentive for being proactive in their healthcare. If the employee and spouse both complete an HRA by December 1, 2012, they will stay on the current 80/20 rate. No other aspect of Pace insurance will be affected (i.e. deductible, out of pocket, co-pay, etc.). If you have any other questions about the benefit, please contact your local HR office.

The only other test will be a Prostate-Specific Antigen (PSA) test for males over the age of 40. For more information on the PSA test click here. Other than the PSA for males over 40, the only lab tests for the HRA will be the lipid panel (cholesterol) and glucose. However, if you wish (or need) to have further testing done, after the Wellness Centers open your practitioner will be glad to run any lab tests you may need. THERE WILL BE NO DRUG TESTING DONE AS PART OF THE HRA!

No, the blood draw will be a venipuncture because it is more accurate than a finger-stick. The sample of blood is very small, about a 6-inch vial. However, to prevent a hematoma, it is suggested that you wait 15-20 minutes after the blood draw before resuming any heavy lifting.

Yes. If you want your results sent to your physician, be sure to complete an authorization form from your practitioner and your results can be sent to your PCP. Also you will receive the results in the mail and you can take them to your PCP.

Yes, please drink plenty of water so that you will not become dehydrated. Please refrain from drinking sugary drinks such as sodas and juices, and no coffee. Also, it is a fasting blood draw, so no food 8-12 hours before your HRA.

The results of your HRA will be sent to your home within 4 weeks of your individual assessment.

No! Pace Industries wants associates and spouses to be proactive in their healthcare. It is participation that we want. Pace will not know what your individual results are and will not increase your rates, terminate you, or anything like that based on your results.

You can complete an HRA at your local Pace Wellness Center for free or you can have your PCP complete the HRA paperwork. If you would like to have your PCP complete the HRA paperwork, contact your local HR office and pick up the paperwork. To receive the benefit of remaining on the 80/20 premium plan, the HRA or HRA paperwork needs to be completed and turned in before December 1, 2012. The benefit change does not include Airo.

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