Bravo Wellness / HRA Registration

Dear Pace Industries Family,

Pace is always looking for ways to maximize your healthcare benefits.

We are all too familiar with the fact that America is facing a health epidemic and that health plan costs are increasing at rapid rates – a trend that is both destructive and unsustainable. Rather than increasing the cost for everyone equally, Pace has set up our Health and Wellness program to reward those who are taking the correct steps in their health. We are asking you to take personal accountability for your health and, in turn, help reverse this trend.  Working together, we can create a healthier work place and nation.

Bravo Wellness will be administering Pace Industries Health Risk Assessment part of our wellness program. Their role is to support program confidentiality and protect your health information. Pace will not see your results; we will only know how your results impact your insurance premium.  Participation in this program is voluntary; however, you will not receive the full discount towards your health insurance premium if you and your spouse (if applicable) do not participate. (discounts do not apply to any collective bargaining agreements)

All completed HRA results will be mailed out within 10 days of the screenings. We have contracted Bravo Wellness to run our HRA program. Healthstat will continue to run our Wellness Centers and will be a tool for you to use in your wellness journey. We will continue to work on our Health and Wellness culture in 2015. If you have any questions, comments, or concerns please contact your local HR department or use the suggestion box at the bottom right.

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