Tom Coberly, Frank Coberly, and Jake Coberly

Submitted by: Tom Coberly, Frank Coberly, and Jake Coberly

Relationship to Veteran: Employee, Child, Parent

Pace Division: Corporate

My name is Frank Coberly. I am the second of three generations of our family to serve in the US Army.

My father, Tom Coberly enlisted in December 1950 at 17 years old and was sent to Korea in mid 1951. He received two bronzes stars for valor and carries part of a grenade in his shoulder that could not be removed. Tom was raised on a farm not far from the Harrison Division. He served until 1953 and is still active in the VFW, having been post commander on occasion.

I enlisted in 1987 and served during Desert Storm. I served for 7 years but a knee injury forced me to make a difficult decision. I received an honorable discharge in 1994 and joined the Pace team in 1995 at the then Monroe City Division.

My son is currently serving and completed his first tour in Afghanistan in December 2011. He will return for his second tour in the first part if 2013. Jake joined in 2010 and completed his Basic Training and AIT at Ft Jackson. He then went to Airborne school. After successfully completing the three week course, he was assigned to the Big Red One in Ft Knox Kentucky. His unit was attached to the 101st Airborne Division during his tour in Afghanistan. His second tour will see him working in cities as an enforcement detail. Jake intends to end his enlistment after his second tour and hopes to move to Alabama.

For our family, serving isn’t a job, it is an honor. My father was taught that freedom isn’t free. He passed that lesson on to me and we both taught my son. Freedom is paid for by the blood and sweat of men and women that will fight for it.

This is the greatest nation on earth and we are blessed to live in America. I will never do anything that means as much to me as the day I raised my right hand and swore that oath to defend her against all enemies.

Thank you to every veteran. No job in the military is small. The sacrifice is to be admired. Thank to Pace Cares for honoring the veterans.

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