Chaplain Program

Pace is pleased to offer you and your family members a unique and comprehensive Associate care program, available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, nationwide. This service is VOLUNTARY on your part, available to All Pace associates and immediate family members and is neutral from Pace operations.
All services are provided as an associate benefit, with NO COST to the associate or family member. Any and all personal information is kept Confidential and will not be revealed to the management of Pace Industries, or any other person.

CONFIDENTIALITY: We want to assure you that conversations with Care Chaplains will be kept in strict confidence. The Care Chaplains are trained professionals who will guard the identities of those served and respect private communications unless to do so would violate the safety and well-being of another or are otherwise required by law to disclose the information to appropriate authorities.

MyChap app location codes:

Worksite ID # Pace Location
3708 Airo Division
3744 Cambridge Division
3611 Fayetteville Division
3627 Grafton Division
3704 Harrison Division
3745 JEL Finishing
3620 Mangas Tool & Die
3621 Patterson Division
3786 Product Tech Division
3785 St. Paul Division
7736 Alloy Resource Corp
7737 Muskegon Castings Corp
7738 Mirror Image Tool
7739 Port City Castings Corp
7740 Port City Custom Plastics
7741 Port City Die Cast
7742 Port City Group (PCG)
7743 Port City Metal Products

MyChap App

MyChap is a free app that provides associates’ easy and immediate access to their assigned Chaplain Care Team. You will enter the four digit worksite ID# found in the table below that corresponds with your facility. MyChap provides 24/7 contact and interface with chaplains via phone, text, or email as well as the ability to schedule a personal appointment with a chaplain away from work.

The services offered through the Pace Cares Chaplain Program include:

  • Trained professional chaplains on call 24/7 for crisis intervention and emergency situations.
  • Regular, brief worksite visits as well as hospital, nursing home, funeral home, family home, and/or other neutral site visits, when appropriate.
  • Provide individual, as well as immediate family, confidential chaplain discussions for any personal issues.
  • Provide referral service and act as coordinator for specialized assistance to associates and/or immediate family members, including pre-marital discussions and follow-up contact with newlywed couple.
  • Make jail visits to associates and immediate family members who are incarcerated; assist the family during times of separation; help with the transition of individuals back into mainstream society.
  • Help plan, conduct or attend funerals including follow-up support and encouragement to the family during the grief period.

For more information about the Chaplain Program contact your local HR office or visit Marketplace Chaplains USA.

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